The King and horse dung

How the Kö got its name


Kastanienallee, this was the name of the Kö even until the middle of the 19th Century. However, then the King, Friedrich Wilhelm IV. of Prussia, came into the otherwise so contemplative Düsseldorf. However, it was 1848, the time of the revolutionary revolts and the people were angry about the Prussian regulations which were considered to be unfair. And thus a furious crowd received the monarch on Kastanienallee on his way from the station to Jägerhof castle. The people jeered and sang abusive songs – and threw horse dung at the King. One person is also supposed to have actually hit him on the coat. His majesty was disgusted, left the city and Düsseldorf subsequently fell into disrepute as a “main source of the anarchy and disorder for the Rhine province“. In order to appease the King again after the horse dung attack, the town fathers decided to rename the scandal road to Königsallee in 1851 in honour of his majesty.

Therefore, today the boulevard thanks its name, which is famous worldwide, to King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. of Prussia the revolution – and horse dung.