The World-Famous Boulevard

The Königsallee boulevard saw the light of day a little over 200 years ago. Just under one kilometre long and running almost exactly from north to south, it was constructed as the eastern city limit. A characteristic mark is the city moat in the middle with its embankments that are reminiscent of littoral zones and the large tree population. Since Düsseldorf was still small at the time and many areas were not developed yet, it also used to be called the ‘avenue outside the city’.

Today Königsallee is smack at the centre of town and a trademark of Düsseldorf, a flagship that is mentioned in the same breath as the world’s large boulevards. Originally conceived as a residential street, in the wake of the economic and the beginning construction boom in the middle of the last century Königsallee evolved into the undisputed number one location in Germany. For most Düsseldorf travellers, a visit to Königsallee is a must.