Tailor-made, timeless elegance

The Kiton brand was created in Arzano, near Naples, by Ciro Paone in 1968. The name derives from the word 'chiton', the ceremonial tunic that the ancient Greeks used to wear to pray on the Olympus. The company was born from the love and passion for good clothing combined with the desire to create completely handmade garments. The company philosophy is focused on high quality: the best of the best +1, which has always been his motto and the company’s watchword.
Closely associated with timeless elegance, Kiton is a byword in the world of haute couture for the care, passion and excellence used to create each handmade garment. A needle and thread are the tools used by the skilled tailors as they create unique products enlivened by the highest quality fabrics, such as pure vicuña yarn, cashmere, wools, linens and precious silks. The artisan expertise and creativeness of Kiton enhances the pleasure of feeling good with oneself. Its clients, therefore, represent an élite team of philosophers of elegance with a genetic predisposal for the taste of life and capable of savouring the pleasure in all of its shapes and sizes. Dressing Kiton is a definite lifestyle, a symbol of inborn and timeless elegance.


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40212 Düsseldorf
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Monday to Friday 10 am - 7 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm